Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Viking Pools Cancun Models

The Aqua Group offers a tremendous array of fiberglass pool designs to suit any homeowner’s style, personality, and landscape. When you own a Viking Pools fiberglass pool from The Aqua Group  the ordinary is sidelined by the extraordinary. 

Some fabulous options you can add include glass or ceramic tile. This can be added to the floor, steps, seats, and/or the skimmers of any Viking pool or spa. Creative designs can be added to complement the shape of your pool for a polished and sophisticated look. A standard feature on all Viking Pools is textured steps and seats. They provide a non-slip entry and exit out of your pool. And our convenience ledges provide a safe place to swim and grab for safety. This pool design showcases our very popular CANCUN. Although it’s a non-diving pool, it still affords plenty of opportunity to be an amazing pool with the addition of our exclusive features. For one, the color you choose for the finish will have an impact on your pool’s overall appearance and ambiance. You have your choice of our standard colors of Whisper White and Viking Blue or our exclusive Crystite® or the new Diamond Series™ finishes that will customize your Viking Pool. Our premium Crystite® finish comes in Granite, Pebble Beach, Sapphire Blue, and Pacific Blue and has a 20-year warranty. Our new Diamond Series™ adds a deep, rich color and enhanced sparkle to the pool’s finish and comes in Azure, Maya, and Persian. You can also incorporate water features to make it into your own personal haven. The sounds of running water are soothing and can help create a relaxing atmosphere where you can forget about the day. Fiberstars fiber optic and LED lighting can be added to any water feature for a spectacular color show and allows you to enjoy your pool at night.