Friday, March 16, 2012

Fiberglass Pool Myth #1

MYTH #1:
Fiberglass pools pop out of the ground.

A Viking fiberglass pool  will never pop out of the ground if it is properly installed. This is because our fiberglass pools should always be filled with water and the surrounding concrete engulfs the pool’s outer lip, making it impossible for the pool to move unless the concrete moves with it. If any type of pool is installed in an area with a high water table, it is the responsibility of the builder to properly install and safeguard the pool against possible damage due to the high ground water whether it is a fiberglass, vinyl lined or concrete pool

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Friday, March 9, 2012

Stone Age Manufacturing

The construction of the old-fashioned masonry fireplace is becoming a lost art. Over the past 25 years pre-fab metal fireplaces have taken the place of the old fashioned style masonry fireplace. The industry has sacrificed longevity and quality for convenience and cheaper prices. In response to that challenge Stone Age Manufacturing has developed a product with durable all masonry construction, easy assembly, and affordable pricing. Their advantage over the competition: Their product will stand up to the harsh elements of any outdoor climate. Their firebox will not rust or rot out.

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