Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Ceramic Core Technology - Viking Pools

The ceramic core technology was first introduced into composite fiberglass swimming pools back in 1993 by Compass Pools of Australia. It was quickly patented in Australia by Compass and then shortly thereafter, Viking Pools, LLC introduced the technology to North America.

By adding together a complex mix of components contained within the ceramic core, Viking Pools is able to offer a product with greater structural strength, more impact resistant, enhanced expansion and contraction properties, and better waterproofing characteristics than more traditional fiberglass pool construction.

More layers, using greater structural and waterproofing components equals better long term performance. Independent lab tests showed that the Viking Pool has the flexural strength of 41,796 P.S.I.

The ceramic core is one of the many reasons that Viking Pools offers a Lifetime Structural Warranty. As long as you own the pool, regardless of State definitions on lifetime warranties, Viking will stand behind our products with a true lifetime warranty.

As the largest fiberglass composite swimming pool manufacturer in North America, and the only one offering ceramic core technology in North America since 1995, you can rest assured that Viking Pools understands how to build a pool to meet and exceed your expectations.

To learn more about Viking Pools Ceramic Core Technology, go to http://www.aquapools.com

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