Thursday, January 27, 2011

Quick, Easy, and Painless Installation

Want to spice up your back yard but don’t want it destroyed for weeks or months while the work is in progress? With the preassembled nature of a fiberglass pool you can have your pool installed in your backyard in as little as 3-5 days, not the weeks or even months that is takes to install a vinyl liner or concrete pool. 

AquaPools, installing only the industries best Viking Pools, is the industry leader in fiberglass pools. We have an array of pools designs to choose from; rectangle, kidney, classic, freeform, lap pools, spas, custom pools , and our line of HydroZone exercise pools. We can even create custom fiberglass pools to suit most any application.
Once you have have selected the perfect pool that fits your needs the quick installation process can begin.

First, the layout of your new pool is marked in your back yard, usually with a pre-cut template, to ensure the correct placement of your pool. This also saves time during the installation process because only the ground within the precision marks will be dug up with little over dig.
Measurements are taken of the hole to insure the precise shape, width, and depth of your pool of choice. Your new fiberglass pool from Viking Pools is then lowered into the perfect size hole. This perfectly dug hole will help ensure pool structure stability over the many years to come.

The pool is then locked into place and the backfill process begins. Once the pool is filled with water and backfilled with sand, the plumbing and electrical equipment will be installed. The EcoFriendly non-porous surface of a fiberglass pool helps maintain the prevention of algae growth. Less algae means less pump cleaner run time, and in turn saving you money!

After you pool is installed you can start planning the rest of your backward. With the help of Extended Living Spaces you can began to create your personal oasis in your very own back yard with anything from furniture to gazebos.

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